As we approach the 2020 finish line, I’ve been reflecting on some of the good that’s come from this strange year. And in the spirit of our American holiday this week, I am giving thanks for the opportunities that came with the challenges. One gift at work has been the chance to turn some attention to our own BB Communications Group brand.


Marketing updates

With the right team in place – including outstanding creative talent – we have been intentional about our own marketing program. We have dedicated time to updating our website, creating new sales collateral, and building new client tools, including custom monthly analytic reports, and forms that make working with us even easier.

Promo video

Another 2020 initiative has been creating our new promo video. It was my turn to be in front of the camera instead of running the show! And while I continue to prefer being behind the scenes, being in the client role really helped me appreciate having a professional project manager take care of every last detail. Using a phenomenal creative partner helped me relax on camera and make my vision a reality. I’m really thrilled with the final product and would love to know what you think.

Improving process

2020 has also been a year of improving our internal processes so we can deliver impeccable results for our clients. With more people on our team and new clients to serve, it’s been critical that we refine our project management process. Having the right resource – for us, it’s been – that is easy to use but with limitless possibilities for growth, has really changed the way we do business. The changes we’re making internally allow us to continue to delight our clients as we grow.

Especially during this time when so many are struggling, we are profoundly grateful to have meaningful work that makes a difference, and we give thanks for clients, partners, and friends who are – in some way or another – protecting our precious shared resource: water.

With thanks,
Beth Boeh