Good Water News

Good Water News: Fall 2021

I recently heard September called “the new January” and I like it. It feels right. September is a fresh start, with cooler weather on the way, school starting back up for families like mine and Matt’s, and more predictable schedules. I am all in for the reset that...

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Good Water News: Fall 2020

As we approach the 2020 finish line, I’ve been reflecting on some of the good that’s come from this strange year. And in the spirit of our American holiday this week, I am giving thanks for the opportunities that came with the challenges. One gift at work has been the...

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Welcome to Good Water News

Welcome to Good Water News! It seems like a strange time to launch a newsletter about good news in the water industry. Is it really the right time, during a pandemic? But just as life changed overnight, so have our marketing tactics. Site visits and client calls are...

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