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It seems like a strange time to launch a newsletter about good news in the water industry. Is it really the right time, during a pandemic? But just as life changed overnight, so have our marketing tactics. Site visits and client calls are now done by video chat (zoom call, anyone?), often with kids in the background and dogs barking at the delivery driver. As someone who works from a home office anyway, I think I’m actually connecting more face-to-face than I ever have! It’s okay. Different, but okay.

Communication channels may look different, but we can still effectively reach our markets. That is good news. And with travel budgets suddenly available for re-allocating, some clients are taking a fresh look at what they’ve been doing, turning their attention to more digital options like:

Social Media

With less time spent commuting, there may be more time to scroll through LinkedIn. Reach a targeted audience that you’ve been cultivating for years. Share the stories of your technology, service, company and teams on social media with a planned, intentional strategy.

Low-production Videos

Authentic is as hot as it’s ever been. We are all a bit laid bare, working from home with the line between business and personal blurred. Have a story to tell? Tell it. Put you, your company and your product out there instantly with minimal investment. Low production, DIY video of real people in their own voices. In their own homes. The world is made for this right now.

Digital Advertising

Have a campaign to share your story?  Digital opportunities abound in the water industry and they’re only growing. A digital inbound marketing campaign can be tailored to reach your audience, generate leads, and nurture them with automation.


Water and wastewater operators are still looking for continuing education credits and opportunities to learn. Although busy with zoom meeting upon zoom meeting, end users are hungry for practical information about relevant technologies that address their issues.


No time to put together a webinar? Consider sponsoring one through one of the industry digital platforms.

Case Studies

Now might be the right time to sort through your success stories and key partners and get started on a plan to share that story with your audience.  Case studies add credibility to your existing value proposition with third-party evidence demonstrating success.


Some of us are finding this to be a time of reflection. It might be the right time to share what’s happening around your company – from pandemic-related activities, to shutdown stories, to new products and success stories.


As we’re discover new ways to connect, it seems like exactly the right time to share some good news, communication tips, and a bit of inspiration.

I would love to hear from you.

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