We strive to exceed your expectations by creating an experience you simply can’t keep
to yourself. We have worked with countless clients, vendors, and colleagues
in the water and wastewater industry.

Here’s what they have to say:

“Beth is one of my favorite people to work with in our industry. She has deep domain knowledge of water and wastewater equipment, a great network of relationships, is hardworking, and a joy to work with. BBCG runs a good process for development and I’ve found their end product to be right on point.”

Mark Turpin

President - Duperon Corporation

“We consider Beth and her team at BBCG part of our De Nora family.  Having once worked in the water treatment industry herself, Beth knows the unique needs of my company and our clients.  I worked with BBCG to create the most impactful, creative, and visually striking presentation I’ve ever given in my over 25 years in marketing and sales.  Not only was their work of the highest quality, the team at BBCG was a pleasure to work with.” 

Stanley Shmia

Product Technology Manager - De Nora

“Beth is a true Marketing professional. The work she has produced has consistently exceeded expectations. Beth also has been a great mentor to young professionals entering the industry.”

Anthony Picozzi

President - Iron Horse Environmental, LLC

“She was instrumental in developing metrics to show impact on our various marketing programs that MIOX invested in.” 

Bob Newton

Principal - RFN3 Solutions LLC Business Development, Strategy and Marketing Advisor, Atlantis Technologies

“Beth has always exemplified a strong work ethic, an eye for detail and an impressive knowledge of the industry.”

Patrick Gallagher

Business Development Manager and Publisher - Vert Markets

“Beth is a rare, talented Marketing Communications professional. Her work as head of marketing at MIOX was simply outstanding. Besides that, Beth is great to work with, always with a big smile and willing to help out.”

Renato Sa

Marketing Director - Agencia Content

“This has been a great experience working with Beth Boeh Communications. Thank you for your patience through this process. I am very pleased with the feel and look of our new website and think it represents our company well.” 

Dereck Withey

Owner and Partner - W20 Pump and System Services

“For us, one of the most important tasks during our launch was creating and distributing a press release that would not only target and inform an appropriate customer set about our new venture, but also create the best first impression…Not only did Beth and her team relieve us of one of  the most critical and difficult tasks, but they helped us achieve the objectives and outcomes we had hoped for with our press release.  As we continue to scale, we will definitely rely on BBCG for additional support.”

Terry J. Mah, Ph.D.

Partner - Thales Water Advisors

 “Beth and her team have been quick to understand and align with our business strategy and positioning, producing work of the highest quality to help us achieve our communication goals.”

James Dunning

CEO - Syrinix Limited

“Beth’s advice, customer service, and diligence is world class and has made a huge difference in our online presence. We are lucky to have her as part of our team and look forward to continuing our work together.”

Patrick Curran

CEO - Noble Process Advisors CEO and Founder - Atlantis Technologies

“You did awesome, Beth. Rarely do we work with people of your talent and empathy and dedication. You have more gold stars earned with IMS than you can use! Thanks a bunch, really.”

Roop C. Jain, P.E.

CEO & President - Integrity Municipal Services, LLC

“I can’t say enough about how she has helped me to deliver a wide ranging, quality content that has had a big impact on how we are perceived both by outside and inside our business.”

Fran House

Marketing Manager - De Nora

“Beth is an expert and extremely well regarded in the Water Technology and Treatment space. She is bright, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. I lost count on how many times a key customer, partner or others in our industry commented positively on our marketing program or on Beth’s work specifically. I am proud to endorse her.”

Carlos Perea

CEO - Terra Vera Director - Azuca

“Beth combines the best of marketing/marcom know-how + developing the trusted relationships with all the folks, inside & outside the firm, who make a Brand sing. The folks in the industry press love her – and it shows in the amount of ink she can squeeze out of a tiny budget.”

Pat McNamara

Founder - Slide 12 Change Management, Challenger Sale Coach - Improve Group